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Since 1995 the team at GETINTED have become a premier supplier of window tinting products in Melbourne and throughout the entire metropolitan area. Our complete service can provide you with a collection of window films to suit your budget and be professionally installed to your Car, Home and Commercial Office glass.

Our extensive experience, outstanding customer service and top quality finish makes us one of the most respected window tinting businesses in Melbourne.    

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Find out more about the benefits that a window film can provide and how you can protect not only yourself and family but the valuable assets within your everyday life. The technological advancements in window tinting films offer much more than just darkening glass. When you choose a solar window film solution, it will block more than 99% of damaging UV rays, reject up to 82% of the suns heat and reduce up to a staggering 94% of annoying glare. We are not limited in our services and can offer a huge range of solar films, decorative frosted films, in house computer cut vinyls, safety & security films and sacrificial anti graffiti films.

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