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Window Tinting is our passion and we have well over two decades of trade experience. GETINTED is a premier supplier and installation company of window film products that service Melbourne and the entire metropolitan area. 

We have vast and extensive experience in all types of window film projects. Our top quality finish makes us one of the best in the glass tinting industry. The customer service we pride ourselves on is unmatched and one of our main business priorities. Our excellent project management skills helps our clients achieve their project deadlines. Combining these points makes us one of the most respected window tinting businesses in Melbourne today.


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Our portfolio in the commercial and residential markets is very comprehensive.

Heat, glare and privacy are the three main issues that most of our clients would like to combat. We can show you and explain the many ways in which we have helped all our clients fix these problems.

The technological advancements in window films offer much more than just darkening glass. They block more than 99% of damaging UV rays. Huge amounts of heat rejection can be achieved from very light films. We also have access to special films that help keep in the internal heat through the cold Melbourne months.   

Safety and security concerns can also be easily rectified with the right window film. You can protect not only yourself and family but the valuable assets within your everyday life. Your workplace can also be secured quickly and efficiently.

The automotive tinting side of our business is one which we are very proud of. In fact, this is where the roots of our business began.

Don't hesitate to call us when you require expert advice, top quality products and a professional installation for your Car, Home or Commercial Office glass.


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