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Reasons why you should Tint your Office and House Windows

Why You Should Tint Your Office and Home Windows?

Businesses and homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their property value and save costs while they enjoy the space. One of the very simple ways of doing so is installing window films.

Below are a few reasons why you should invest in window film for your house or your office:


Reduce Heat indoors

We spend a lot of time at work or at home and it is extremely important to have a balanced temperature especially during hot summer days. A good quality window film such as 3M window film can provide up to 84% heat reduction when compared to untreated glass. Not only you’ll enjoy the cool temperature indoors, but you’ll save up on the electricity bill too.


Fading and UV light Reduction

Do you sometimes notice that your wood floors or furniture has started to fade? Even after a good rub, it will still look different from the rest of your furniture (especially when it’s located in an area that gets direct sunlight). Installing window films will help fix that by reducing up to 99% of UV rays which will effectively cut the chances of furniture/wooden floor fading in your home or office.



Although window film won’t stop the glass from getting broken, however, it will still prevent your glass from shattering and falling apart on impact.


Cutting Glare

Did you know that window films are as important in winter as they are in summer? Window films will help reduce glare especially during those bright sunny days in cold winter months. Therefore, window films become popular to control the glare coming into houses and offices. This is especially needed for properties facing North, East or West.



Whether it’s your office or house, we all appreciate a bit of privacy. Window films are the ultimate solution for safety issues where they reduce the visibility from the outside while you still enjoy sunlight indoors. If privacy is one of your main concerns, when choosing a window film, consult with our professionals to help you choose the right one for you.


Fast and Easy to install

In most cases and depending on the number of windows and their sizes, it usually takes a day to install window films. But it’s always best to consult with a professional in order to get a realistic quote and timeline.


Easy Maintenance

Once the window film is installed and fully cured to the glass, treated windows can be maintained and cleaned as once maintained before the application with a few precautions. Check with our film window experts for more details.


If you think installing window films is the right solution for your property, we encourage you to contact a professional to do the work as they will help you to choose the best film for your glass.


Window Tinting Solutions

Window films come in different colours, shading and performance. At Getinted, we make sure we listen carefully to your needs before we give you the right solution. Call us today for a free consultaion.

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